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Infinix-i Biplane

by Canon Medical Systems


Unparalleled access and coverage.


The Infinix-i C-arm is designed to. move around you and your patient so procedures can be performed more comfortably, safely and efficiently.

  • Achieve optimal angulations with unprecedented head-to-toe and fingertip-to-fingertip coverage

  • Simplified biplane positioning with variable iso-center

  • Access Halo ensures unobstructed head-end work space to improve patient access for staff and ancillary equipment

Omega Variable Iso-Center

  • Simplifies biplane positioning

  • The ability to reposition the lateral C-arm while keeping the patient stable enhances procedure efficiency and safety

C-Arm Flip

  • The ability to switch the Lateral C-arm and detector to the opposing side to lower dose to physician and staff

  • Scattered radiation is more than 50% lower on the side of the detector

  • Flexibility of the C-arm to flip allows the equipment to be utilized for both cardiac and neurological procedures in the same room

  • Variable C-arm configurations allow unprecedented head-end access

Detector Size Choices

Three different FPD sizes are available depending on coverage needed.


12'' x 16''

Designed primarily for vascular, but can perform cardiac imaging


12'' x 12''

Designed for cardiovascular procedures.


8'' x 8''

Designed primarily cardiac imaging


Improve Productivity Through Procedure Efficiency

  • Designed for patient comfort and clinical workflow efficiency - the system moves not the patient

  • Contact and proximity detection prevents collisions with other cath lab equipment during Infinix-i system procedures

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