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by CureMetrix

CAD That Works

CureMetrix cmAssist® is an investigational, computer-aided detection (CAD) software that has the potential to quickly detect key regions of interest on a mammogram, and accurately quantify and classify the anomalies as suspicious or verifiably benign. cmAssist does this by searching all views of a digital 2D-mammogram for abnormal areas of density, mass or calcification and by highlighting any suspicious areas needing further analysis. The software utilizes a unique, data-driven neuScore™ which is a quantitative measure of suspiciousness of a region of interest ranging from 0 (least suspicious) to 100 (highly suspicious).  Once validated, cmAssist can as a clinical decision support tool that will enable physicians to:

  • Catch cancers early

  • Reduce their false positives

  • Reduce their recall rate

  • Reduce unnecessary biopsies for both mass and calcifications

cmAssist allows configuration of the operating point for both mass and calcifications that is customizable to each hospital or clinic. The operating points establish a threshold which determines which regions of interest are displayed to the radiologist based on desired levels of sensitivity and specificity.  cmAssist has been optimized to display very few false positives per image at a high sensitivity resulting in a CAD software that radiologists can trust. The goal is to allow physicians to focus on the most relevant data and discard irrelevant variables to help them converge on answers and arrive at a diagnosis more quickly and accurately.



  • Works on all views including non-standard and diagnostic views as well as implants

  • Works on For Presentation images vs. Raw images allowing processing of priors

  • Image level and patient level performance is consistent

  • No PHI leaves the hospital

  • HIPAA compliant

  • Works with any PACS and any FFDM

  • Less than 10 seconds to process images in the cloud and render a Structured Report Overlay DICOM

  • Cloud-based SaaS to facilitate scaling to any size hospital without impacting IT infrastructure

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