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Horizon XVu

Hemodynamic Monitoring

by Mennen Medical

The XVu, embedded with a fast performance, an ultra modern user interface and exceptionally accurate analysis system, is designed for network connectivity and efficient workflow integration as part of Mennen Medicl's total IT solution.  Combined with user-friendly windows and an intuitive graphic interface, the system enables various layouts to suit both cardiac and angiography procedures.


XVu FFR Software

Measurement and documentation of Fractional Flow Reserve is performed easilly and fully on the Horizon XVu catheterization system without the need for a stand alone FFR device.  The Mennen Medical Horizon XVu is compatible with both Volcano© and RADI© pressure wires. 

State of the art Pediatric Software

  • Shunt & Resistance Calculations

  • Complete Mullin's diagrams for Congenital Heart Disease

  • Custom Defined Site Labels give physicians total control of values used for calculations.

  • Oximetry View - Enables to select pressure and saturation values for calculations, editing of values before calculation, and inserting pressure data into heart diagrams.

HemoCIS plus database on XVu

The HemoCIS plus is a powerful Cardiac Information System. The HemoCIS plus option can be accessed directly from the Horizon XVu, thus giving the technicians and physicians full capabilities of the database.  In a single system, it includes all the necessities of a catheterization ward: Scheduling, Inventory, Billing, Patient les, Outcome Reporting, Statistics.

Bidirectional connectivity capabilities provide easy, rapid and ef cient data ow and users can choose to connect the Horizon XVu procedure room to: HIS ADT by HL7, DICOM worklist, Laboratory Information System (LIS), Hospital Billing System, Reporting by HL7 and XML 

Mennen Medical Horizon XVu
Mennen Medical Horizon XVu


  • Multiple procedure oriented masks

  • Complete Hemodynamic Analysis & Calculations:

    • Simultaneous Multi Pressure Analysis or Pullback​

    • Automatic LV-AO Pullback

    • Gradient / Valve / Resistance

    • Oximetry Package

    • Thermodilution or Fick formula for Cardiac Output

  • Integrated FFR Analysis*

  • Integrated ST Analysys

  • Comprehensive Pediatric Package*

    • Oximetry View​

    • Complete Mullin's diagrams

  • Peripheral Package*

  • Hepatic Package*

  • ICECG Lead Capability (6 Ch)*

  • Complete Full Disclosure Playback

  • Diagrams for easy Documentation

  • Pre-configured and Costumer Configurable Note "kits"

  • Versatile Customized Reporting

  • Keyboard Quick Keys

  • Import / Export Connectivity - HL7/ / DICOM/ XML Interfaces*

  • HemoCIS plus*

  • Remote Service via MODEM /VPN

  • Network Storage and Archive Capability for All Procedural Data

  • Remote Desktop connectivity

  • Bar Code scanning connectivity

  • Remote Interactive Terminal

  • Multiple languages available

* Optional

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