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TomoTherapy System

by Accuray

Versatile, efficient and effective for the range of radiation oncology patients.

Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) and intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) featuring integrated 3D image guidance, and highly conformal treatments enabled by a unique binary MLC.


Making more precise treatments available for more patients.


Efficient treatment delivery regardless of the tumor’s complexity.


Maximizing delivery precision to minimize side effects.

Personalized, precise cancer treatment — for the full spectrum of radiation therapy patients.

The TomoTherapy® System is among the most revolutionary innovations in the history of cancer treatment, completely redefining the standard for individualized and precise treatment of tumors anywhere in the body — while creating a new paradigm for patient comfort and quality of life. The first truly complete IGRT/IMRT solution, TomoTherapy combines integrated CT imaging for exceptional treatment accuracy with a first-of-its-kind helical treatment delivery platform that uses patented beam-shaping technology to precisely target tumors while minimizing impact on surrounding healthy tissue. Ongoing investment in innovation enhances the trusted and proven platform, as Accuray continues to elevate imaging and beam-shaping capabilities to new levels.

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