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Medika International P.R., Inc., and Medika Imaging, Inc., are regional companies dedicated to providing innovative, high technology products, equipment and clinical application software to healthcare institutions in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Caribbean area islands and Latin America.


Established in 1984, Medika has been at the forefront, for over 30 years, in the marketing of specialized medical devices and equipment to its customers. From the first balloon dilatation cardiology catheter in 1984 to Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina; to the installation of the first 320 slice Computed Tomography Aquilion ONE system in 2000 and first 640 slice Computed Tomography Aquilion Genesis in 2019 in Puerto Rico.


Our corporate headquarters are in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


The companies market, sell and service advanced technological products in the medical specialties of Radiology, Cardiology, Surgery, Oncology, Urology and Critical Care. The companies are also leading suppliers of world-class Health IT solutions; as they configure, implement and support information systems such as HIS, Hospital Information Systems; RIS, Radiology Information Systems; PACS, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems.


Medika has strategic alliances and distribution agreements with Canon Medical Systems, the Novarad Corporation, Accuray, Inc., Bard International, Ziehm Imaging, Mennen Medical, IMS Italy, and SG Healthcare.


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