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Aquilion LB

by Canon

See the bigger picture with the largest true field-of-view

Designed to expand the dimensions of CT, Aquilion™ LB combines Canon Medical Systems' award winning CT technologies with the advantages of a large bore platform. Aquilion LB provides a true 70 cm field-of-view (FOV) acquisition, covering more anatomy with greater accuracy than ever before.

From pediatric to bariatric .

And everyone in between.

In a healthcare environment that increasingly requires doing more with less, Canon Medical Systems' Aquilion™ Large Bore CT system delivers. Accomplishing the need to image patients faster, safer and more comfortably while optimizing workflow and system utilization in more ways than ever.


Maximize your Patient Potential

Obesity in the U.S. has steadily increased over the past 20 years with roughly 36% of all adults and 17% of all children and adolescents aged 2-19 currently in this category.* Increasing access while improving patient comfort, compliance and convenience, Aquilion LB incorporates ergonomic features specifically designed to accommodate this burgeoning patient population.

Largest Gantry Aperture

The industry's widest 90 cm gantry bore provides exceptional access and more comfortable positioning for bariatric patients.

Highest Weight Capacity Supports More Patient

A first-of-its kind table with 660 lb.** weight capacity makes it possible to scan a larger patient population.  (**optional)

Improved Patient Safety and Access

The ability to lower table height to 31.2 cm above the floor facilitates easy access for bariatric and other patients with physical limitations.

Aquilion LB delivers Canon Medical Systems' advanced CT technology in a robust system configuration that delivers the highest quality images at the lower doses. And increases confidence in clinical decision making for the widest range of patients.

The Quantum Advantage

Aquilion LB provides the advanced capabilities you need for the most challenging cases. The QuantumPLUS detector, with a true 70 cm field-of-view enables unparalleled image quality for larger patients. 4D acquisition and respiratory gating capabilities enable motion management in radiation therapy.


Use the advantage of the QuantumPLUS detector during bariatric imaging.

  • 90 cm gantry bore comfortably accommodates larger patients

  • 40% greater FOV without extrapolation

  • Best low-contrast resolution at the lowest dose

Personalized Dose Management

AIDR 3D is the latest generation of Canon Medical Systems iterative reconstruction technology that is fully integrated into the imaging chain, and optimized for busy clinical environments.

Integrated into SUREExposure3D settings, this iterative algorithm removes noise in the raw and image data space, by analyzing and the processing the data repeatedly.

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Canon Aquilino LB
Canon Aquilino LB
Canon Aquilino LB


More Positions, More Possibilities

Aquilion LB is the only system that combines the largest bore and true FOV to cover more anatomy with greater accuracy.

  • 90 cm gantry bore opening allows uncompromised patient positioning

  • 70 cm acquired FOV achieves 40% more diagnostic coverage

  • 85 cm* extended FOV (*optional)

Leap Into the Next Dimension

The Aquilion LB system supports state-of-the-art oncology applications, including 4D respiratory gated CT simulation for advanced motion management and radiation therapy planning.

  • Acquire prospective respiratory gated images

  • Enable retrospective gating with 4D acquisition mode

  • Image tumor volume in the correct dimension

  • Increase tracking accuracy and reproducibility of tumor volume

  • Phase average reconstruction provides range of motion tracking in a single image

Optimizing your interventional capabilities

Expanding on over a decade of experience in real-time image display, the Aquilion LB combines three-frame real-time CT Fluoro with a spacious gantry opening to take interventional radiology to the next level.


SUREFluoro™: Real-Time Multi-Slice CT

Utilizing three contiguous slices for real-time monitoring during interventions with image viewing at up to 12 frames-per-second, SUREFluoro™ increases accuracy by enabling more precise positioning and control while enhancing patient safety with shorter procedures and decreased biopsy times.

New Console Architecture

From performing exams to distributing data, Aquilion LB accelerates the process of providing the information you need to make the best treatment decisions. With a reconstruction of up to 22 images per second, 0.5 mm images are available almost immediately after acquisition.

Double Slice with coneXact™

Canon Medical Systems' unique Double Slice technology with coneXact™ reconstruction allows the Aquilion LB to double the number of slices to 32 per detector-row-acquisition without increasing radiation delivered to the patient.

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