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Jumong (U Type)

by SG HealthCare


A motorized universal stand and a basic mobile table complete the configuration. With SG’s detector which is fully AED supported, installation is as east as connecting power to the system. It is an ideal system in places with limited space and budget.


  • Fully Motorized Structure

     This single panel multi-purpose universal arm system ​

     provides a cost effective ergonomic solution for the      

     entire range of radiographic examinations.​

  • Reliable Power source

     CPI CMP200 series

  • 3Auto stitching

     Does not require operator’s interruption during    

     operation (optional)


  • Touch Screen (optional)

  • Fully motorized U-arm

  • Multi purpose exposure

  • Auto stitching

Medika - Digital Xray - Jumong U
Medika - Digital Xray - Jumong U


  • Generator - 50kW, 40-150kV, Mini console (65kW, 80kW, AEC, DAP, 15” Touch console optional)

  • Tube - 300kHU, 0.6/1.2mm, Min 32-77kW (Option 400kHU, 600kHU)

  • Collimator - Manual with ruler (Option CU or AL filters, Laser centering and time adjusted light system)

  • Console & WS - Integrated console with generator, HIR/HIS, OS Windows, 500GB, 4G RAM, 24” LED monitor

  • Universal Stand - Manual by hand, Min, 375mm – Max. 1790mm from floor

  • Mobile Table - 200Kg load. 1.2mm Al equivalent @100kV, Individual locking caster (Option: Up/down floating table with wheels)

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