Jumong (M Type)

by SG HealthCare


Fully featured and designed for chest, supine and other radiography examinations. Whatever you need, you can find the right solution with an ease.


  • High-throughput performance and easy workflow.
    Up to threefold efficiency.

  • RIS modality worklist interface for patient’s examination 
    and grouped procedure configuration

  • Configurable procedure step sequencing by predefined APRs

  • Consistent gray scale presentation

  • Auto Tracking


  • Vertically motorized overhead tube crane

  • Auto sync with wall stand

  • Freedom of movement

Medika - Digital Xray - Jumong M
Medika - Digital Xray - Jumong M


  • Generator - 50kW, 40-150kV, Mini console (65kW, 80kW, AEC, DAP, 15” Touch console optional)

  • Detector - Scintilator (CsI / Gadox), effective area 423mmx423mm, 127 micron pixel pitch, image preview in 3 sec, 3.9lp/mm spatial resolution

  • Tube - 300kHU, 0.6/1.2mm, Min 32-77kW (Option 400kHU, 600kHU)

  • Collimator - Manual with ruler (Option CU or AL filters, Laser centering and time adjusted light system)

  • Console & WS - Integrated console with generator, HIR/HIS, OS Windows, 500GB, 4G RAM, 24” LED monitor

  • Overhead Tube Crane - Vertically motorized and manual (auto tracking), Longitudinal travel: 3320mm.  Transverse travel: 2500mm.  Vertical travel: 1500mm.  Tube rotation: Horizontal 150degree to 180degree with catch point at -90degree, 0degree, 90degree.  Vertical: -150degree to 150degree.  Angle indicator with SID

  • Wall Stand - Manual by hand, Min, 375mm – Max. 1790mm from floor

  • Floating Table - 350kg patient weight capacity, Table top filtration 0.8mm Al. Equivalent (Option: carbon fiber, up-down movement).  Length : 2,200mm.  Width: 800mm.  Height: 700mm