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by Canon

Clinical imaging functionality that provides the ultimate in accommodation.

Expand the capabilities of limited R&F room space with Canon Medical Systems' Ultimax-i FPD, making advanced imaging technology and diverse multipurpose system performance truly attainable.  Efficient installation opens up workflow space, allowing for more complex procedures - without breaking down walls.


  • 17'' x 17'' FPD

  • 60 cm wide table

  • Table can go as low as 52 cm

  • Up to 500 lb table weight limit

  • Increased imaging capability

  • Excellent image quality

  • Liquid Metal Bearing Tube

  • Head-to-Toe coverage

  • Optional ceiling mounted system & wall stand to increase exam flexibility

  • Single console, Single Generator for two X-ray tubes, for two detectors


Enhanced Safety

  • Dose management program, programmable protocols and wide table facilitate safety and efficiency

  • Secure patient accommodation allows any system orientation with sensors in place to avoid collisions for a range of patients with anti-collision technology



  • Improve patient access with a multipurpose system that installs adjacent to back walls to provide expanded space for the operator

  • Accommodate more complex procedures by providing routine angiography lab capabilities within an R&F space, maximizing clinical efficiency


Patient Access

  • Multifaceted capabilities, more complex procedures - within an R&F space

  • Longitudinal imaging range of up to 206 cm

  • Gynecological and Urological capable

  • Wide transverse table movement, up to 48 cm

  • Tableside isocenter level control

Innovative multidirectional C-arm

  • Arms clinicians with the versatility to do more

  • Reduces the need for patient movement, enabling clinicians to prioritize patient and operator safety

Large 17'' x 17'' flat panel detector may help you to:

  • Reduce dose and shorten exam times

  • Increase anatomical coverage for a more complete view and reduce the need for multiple images

Adjustable Tilting Table

  • Can be positioned horizontally or vertically​

  • Enhances patient access

  • Enables clinicians to get the angles they need for the images they want

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