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Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT)

by IMS, Giotto Class

Design.  Technology.  Ergonomy.  Never Seen.

GIOTTO CLASS is a patented breast tomosynthesis device that implements several innovative 3D solutions.  It is designed with original leading-edge technologies that guarantee superior clinical results while using low dose.

In addition to TOMOSYNTHESIS, GIOTTO CLASS offers a multitude of diagnostic solutions such as biopsy with tomosynthesis images with the patient in an upright or prone position.

GIOTTO CLASS is a versatile system with which you can perform:



  • FFDM

  • BIOPSY with Tomosynthesis or Stereo with the patient in a PRONE orUPRIGHT position

BIOPSY with Tomosynthesis or Stereo with the patient in a PRONE or UPRIGHT position

GIOTTO CLASS can be transformed, by simply and quickly moving of inclination, into a dedicated unit for biopsies performed with Tomosynthesis with the patient in a prone or upright position.

You will have a one-of-a-kind instrument for successfully resolving all of your imaging demands. It is possible to work in Tomo or Stereo.

The prone position gives you complete confidence in achieving the best biopsy results with the highest degree of comfort for the patient.

GIOTTO CLASS is compatible with every biopsy system currently on the market and provides.

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