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Infinix-i Dual Plane

by Canon Medical Systems

Two Configurations. Zero Compromises.

Infinix™-i Dual plane is the right system at the right time for facilities that need to treat more patients more cost effectively. Offering unmatched versatility for performing cardiac and vascular procedures in the same room, it does both without sacrificing Canon Medical Systems' industry-leading image quality, dose management capabilities, advanced technologies or potential for improving outcomes and efficiency.

Faster, Accurate Procedures

Using the right sized FPD can produce better image quality, decrease procedure time and improve throughput.

Detector Size Choices 

Two different FPD sizes are available depending on coverage needed.

8'' x 8''

Designed primarily for cardiac imaging.

12'' x 16''

Designed primarily for vascular, but can perform cardiac imaging.

Not all flat panel detector sizes are available on all systems.

Increased Room Utilization

Perform both cardiovascular and peripheral procedures in one room, without compromising image quality. The system features two independent C-arms: a large detector (12" x 16") dedicated to vascular and a smaller detector (8" x 8") dedicated to cardiac imaging.

Advanced Software Applications

Infinix™-i Dual plane systems incorporate a host of exclusive advanced software applications that maximize system capabilities for performing a wide range of procedures with greater confidence and precision.

Canon Infinix-i Dual Plane
Canon Infinix-i Dual Plane
Canon Infinix-i Dual Plane
Canon Infinix-i Dual Plane
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