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Jumong General

by SG HealthCare

Enhance your workflow with vertical motor driven Jumong General budget system.


For daily image examination, especially when increased patient volume pushes your existing radiography resources to the limit, this system can help. Available with a variety of options, it is capable of handling a full range of applications including chest, abdominal and extremity examinations.


  • Osciliating Grid:  Helps the beams penetrate and make the best output possible.

  • Floating table:  Sturdy enough to hold up to 350kg patient load.

  • Tube stand column rotation 180degree


  • Floating Table

  • Floor Ceiling/Wall tube rail stand

  • Multi purpose exposure

  • Upgradable to DR


  • Generator - 40kW, 40-125kV, Membrane console (65kW, 80kW optional)

  • Tube - 140kHU, 1.0/2.0mm, Min 32-77kW (Option 300kHU, 400kHU, 600kHU)

  • Collimator - Manual with ruler (Option CU or AL filters, Laser centering and time adjusted light system)

  • Floor Rail Tube Stand - Tube rotation +-180 degree, Electric magnet brake, motorized vertical movement

  • Floating Table - 350kg, L 2200mm, W 800mm, H 700m

  • Wall Stand - Manual

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