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HIMA San Pablo Invest in Advanced 640 Slice CT Technology to Enhance their Caguas Stroke Center

Updated: May 4, 2018

San Juan, Puerto Rico.  November 23, 2016.  Grupo HIMA San Pablo, a leading hospital network based in Caguas, Puerto Rico, has installed the Toshiba Aquilion One Vision 640 slice premium CT scanner, to enhance their stroke center at their Caguas flagship hospital.  It is the most advanced and sophisticated Computed Tomography system in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean area.

"Grupo HIMA San Pablo is committed to developing the most advanced medical services, with cutting-edge technology and superior quality of service to our patients", said Joaquin Rodriguez Sr., Chairman and CEO of the group.

Dr. Jose Luis Valderrabano, Chief of Radiology added:  "The new 640 slice CT provides superior image quality, it gives us accurate and precise anatomical information at the lowest possible dose.  It captures heart images in a single 0.35 second rotation.  We are able to perform whole brain perfusion and dynamic CTA with automatic bone subtraction."

"With Grupo HIMA San Pablo and Toshiba America Medical Systems, we have had a great partnership for more than 24 years, a partnership focused on providing quality diagnostic solutions that improve the health of the population we serve" added Whiyie Sang, President of Medika International, Inc.

About Medika International, Inc.

Medika International, Inc., based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, markets, sells and services diagnostic and therapeutic equipment solutions in radiology, cardiology and oncology, including digital X-Ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI and Radiation Oncology systems; as well as hospital information and clinical applications software, such as HIS, EMR, RIS, and PACS, in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America.  The company was founded in 1984.


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