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Vantage Galan 3T

by Canon

Patient Ease Results in Optimized Image Quality

Get streamlined workflow, high-quality images and maximum patient comfort in Canon Medical Systems' Vantage Galan™ 3T MR system. The system was designed to meet the needs of you and your patients, giving you the tools you need to provide better patient care without compromising the patient experience.

Comfortable for large patients.

Wide 71cm Bore

Wide shoulders and large midsections can still fit comfortably in the expansive bore of the Galan 3T.


Designed to fit within a standard 1.5T room.

Compact Footprint​

  • Scan Room: 18.56 m2

  • Computer Room: 6.28 m2

  • Operator Room: 2.08 m2

  • Total Space: 27 m2*

*The Gauss line is not confined within the Scan Room.  Controlled access area should be taken into account by the facility when preparing for installation.  The above specifications may not meet the local requirement such as for access as is required by the Americans with Disabilities Act in the United States.  Please consult with your architectural and/or electric consultant for coding requirements.  Some power equipment may be required to be placed in a dedicated electrical room.

Low power consumption.


The Galan 3T automatically enters Low-Power mode the moment the patient table is lowered. It quickly wakes up when the table is raised to scan the next patient.

  • 9.25kW Standby power

  • 70kVA Power capacity

Integrated Coil Workflow Technology

Integrated coils are uniquely designed for improved workflow and patient comfort.

Canon Medical Systems MR System's integrated coils* making it easy to handle multiple studies by allowing you to position the patient and utilize the coils you need in one easy step.

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