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Aplio Platinum CV Series

by Canon

Transform the delivery of care from diagnosis to intervention; improving clinical quality and patient experience.

Lower your costs as you deliver better patient care. Making it possible is Canon Medical Systems' new Aplio™ Cardiovascular (CV) Platinum Series, delivering exceptional image quality and advanced technologies taking today’s methods for identifying early stages of cardiac disease to a new level. From sophisticated ergonomics to accurate, on-board quantitative analysis, the Aplio CV systems are designed to get the most comprehensive information for confident diagnosis right at the patient’s bedside and lower costs through workflow improvements.

Delivering the best bedside cardiac exam.

Canon Medical Systems' flagship cardiovascular ultrasound system, the Aplio™ 500 CV Platinum system, takes today’s methods for identifying early stages of cardiac disease to a new level, revealing cardiac function with amazing detail. The system features our proprietary 2D Wall Motion Tracking technology, which provides stunning visualization and quantitative analysis of cardiac function with accuracy and reproducibility

Ergonomically efficient ultrasound.

Canon Medical Systems' Aplio™ 300 CV Platinum system is a scalable and versatile cardiovascular ultrasound system designed to meet the demands of a variety of clinical settings. Delivering best in class 2D, Spectral and Color Doppler imaging in a small compact system, the Aplio™ 300 CV system is a desirable system for all routine bedside and portable cardiovascular exams.

Personalized Ultrasound


Aplio Platinum systems have been optimized to facilitate superior workflow.

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